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24/7 Service

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Emergencies never happen when you want them to – in fact, in a perfect world, they simply would never happen at all. Still, in the middle of the night when something pops in your breaker box or a frayed wire sparks and the threat of a fire is in the air, you will need to find a reliable electrician as quickly as you can.

When you call for emergency service, a customer service representative will collect all your information, including address and the nature of your call. When the electrician arrives at your house they will be fully equipped with the proper tools and parts needed for the task at hand. On the off chance your electrician does not have a part required to fix the issue, they will contact one of various suppliers they have at the ready to ensure your emergency is taken care of.


  • Properly tend to any live or exposed wires present in appliances or electronics that have produced shocks upon touch
  • Repair or replaced burned out bulbs or melted wires throughout the home
  • Thoroughly inspect breaker box for any sparks, smoke, or melted wires, and make necessary repairs
  • Inspect all wiring and outlets throughout the home to ensure no other issue beyond the initial emergency poses a threat
  • DO make sure all other appliances and electronics are unplugged the moment an outage occurs
  • DO NOT touch the outlet or wall where a sparks or smoke is occurring
  • DO NOT throw water on an electrical fire: exit your home and call 911 before calling your emergency electrician

Your On Time Electrical electrician will be happy to inform you about precautions you can take to avoid electrical emergencies, such as keeping a chemical fire extinguisher handy at home and keeping up on regular maintenance of your breaker box, outlets, and home wiring.

Day or night, weekend or holiday, be sure to call On Time Electrical right away
at 314.899.5555 if you have an emergency.

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  • I needed 2 fan mounts installed and a fan installed to a 3rd mount. I also needed those fans wired to my light switch. Mike Read More
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