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Commercial VLighting Retrofits

Commercial Lighting Retrofits

Attain clean, pure light without breaking the bank

Because the cost of electricity is constantly on the rise, it's crucial to find cost effective lighting options for your company. Our retrofit solutions will provide you with a higher volume of clean light without resulting in an astronomical utility bill.

You are guaranteed a comprehensive project from start to finish. Choosing a master electrician for the task means full financial analysis from beginning to end, and the knowledge that the job will be completed in a manner that best benefits your company.


  • Significant reduction in the cost of energy and maintenance
  • Tax incentives/rebates regarding sustainable lighting solutions
  • Improvements in light output for a safer working environment
  • Improvements in work productivity due to a decrease in vision issues
  • Promoting a positive environmental impact for the community
  • Increases in property valuation due to being an energy efficient facility

Your business will reap benefits that are both financially sound and environmentally friendly the moment you make the decision to invest in lighting retrofit solutions. Likewise, your employees will have the luxury of a facility that's safer, more efficient, and highly productive, resulting in an elevated sense of pride among your workforce.

Superior customer support and satisfaction are an integral part of becoming “Your Favorite Electrician.” Making sure your company is eco-friendly and cleanly lit for optimal safety and performance is a task that must be taken seriously and will be completed on time and to your liking.

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