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Industrial Fire / Storm Recovery

Industrial Fire / Storm Recovery

Don't let an accident or nature halt productivity

Downtime in a warehouse is sometimes an unavoidable occurrence. However, if you find yourself in an extended period of downtime due to a storm or fire, this can cause a bigger issue in matters of a complete halt on the workflow.

If your facility has experienced this dilemma, it will be important to get your electrical needs assessed following the proper clean-up procedures after a storm or a fire. It is best to allow a master electrician to handle this task for you. At times, parts can be recovered and restored upon the discretion of an expert. In the event this cannot happen, cost effective options for full replacements will be made available.


  • A full assessment on damages and required steps to alleviate downtime
  • Assessments to determine what parts and equipment can be salvaged and restored for usage following a storm, fire, or the extinguishing of a fire
  • Proper restoration/rewiring for both outdoor and indoor needs following a storm, including melted or frayed wires
  • Servicing appraisals on current electrical equipment, wiring, and panels for future safety precautions
  • A complete appraisal following all electrical repairs and reconnection to determine complete connectivity has been restored

The stress of a storm or fire and the interruption of industrial productivity is not something your facility has to handle independently. With the right electrician working diligently to meet all your recovery and restoration needs, you can rest assured that the workflow and safety of your warehouse will be reestablished to the benefit of your company.

Superior customer support and satisfaction are an integral part of becoming “Your Favorite Electrician.” Assisting with post-disaster recovery and restoration to the advantage of your business demands is a task that must be taken seriously and will be completed on time and to your liking.

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