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Residential Home Generators

Residential Home Generators

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Nearly every home in the country has experienced a power outage. When the loss of power lasts long enough the risk of long term damage increases. Issues like a sump pump stalling, pipes freezing, critical home health care equipment failing, or appliances needed to keep food fresh for consumption are just a few of many hurdles a home without electricity will face.

You will want to decide whether a portable or standby generator will be best for your needs. Portable generators are useful to keep the most crucial appliances running during a power outage and require manual setup and maintenance. Standby generators are meant for long-term power protection and they run weekly self-checks on themselves to guarantee the proper response to an outage. When installed and maintained properly, a standby generator will restore power to your home within moments.


  • Installation of a generator that will adequately meet the needs of your household and budget
  • Instruction on how to maintain proper upkeep of a portable generator, including gasoline stabilizer to keep fuel from deteriorating
  • Ensuring that generator decibels do not exceed city noise ordinances
  • Ensuring that housing and city codes regarding space are not violated upon installation
  • Maintaining load needs in matters of fuel, pressure, and volume

Although it may seem daunting to add a portable or standby generator to your home, the benefits outweigh the negatives. When you contact a qualified electrician to guide you through decision making, installation, and what is required for upkeep, you will never have to worry about being left in the dark.

Superior customer support and satisfaction are an integral part of becoming “Your Favorite Electrician.” Making sure your current home runs at optimal efficiency no matter the storm or outage is a task that must be taken seriously and will be completed on time and to your liking.

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